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B-Cup 2015 Announcement

Update: Teams have now been selected for the tournament and applications have been collected from officials. Applicants for referees and NSOs will be notified of their acceptance status no later than Friday, February 13.


Come to our 5th annual B-Cup Tournament!

Bleeding Heartland is hosting a B-team tournament on April 18-19, 2015, and we would like to invite your league to participate. The goal of this tournament is to assemble the top surrounding WFTDA B-teams for some badass derby action. The fifth annual “B Cup” will be an eight-team tourney run according to WFTDA rules and standard practices. We will again be able to guarantee all participating leagues three games (please see the example bracket below). Previous years’ participants have included B-teams from Madison, Minnesota, Detroit, Charm City, Arch Rival, Toronto, Naptown, Nashville, Grand Raggidy, Tri-City, Cincinnati, and Fort Wayne. We are planning to submit referee evaluations at this event in an effort to recruit the best refs possible!

Teams Competing

  • Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby’s Code Blue Assassins
  • Boulder County Bombers’ Bombshells
  • Demolition City Roller Derby’s Destruction Dames
  • Lansing Derby Vixens’ Capital Corruption
  • Montreal Roller Derby’s The Sexpos
  • Naptown Rollergirls’ Warning Belles
  • Nashville Rollergirls’ Music City Brawl Stars
  • North Star Roller Girls’ Northern Lights

Bracket Schedule
*Exact playing times for each team TBD

Saturday, April 18, Day 1 – 8AM start
Game 1 – Team A vs. Team B (Winner: Team A)
Game 2 – Team C vs. Team D (Winner: Team C)
Game 3 – Team E vs. Team F (Winner: Team E)
Game 4 – Team G vs. Team H (Winner: Team G)
Game 5 – Team A vs. Team C (Winner: Team A)
Game 6 – Team E vs. Team G (Winner: Team E)
Game 7 – Third/fourth place bout Team C vs. Team G
Game 8 – Championship bout Team A vs. Team E

Sunday, April 19, Day 2 Consolation bracket – 9AM start
Game 9 – Team B vs. Team D (Winner: Team B)
Game 10 – Team F vs. Team H (Winner: Team F)
Game 11 – Seventh/eighth place bout Team D vs. Team H
Game 12 – Fifth/sixth place bout Team B vs. Team F
The winner of the tournament is invited to stay and scrimmage BHRD’s A-team, the Flatliners.

The tournament will be at our new bouting venue, Frank Southern Ice Arena. It is only a couple of miles away from downtown Bloomington and our sponsoring hotels. The arena is an excellent facility with a polished concrete floor. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about it. You may also contact the ILCs of these leagues that have played at the arena to get an outside opinion: Windy City, Little Steel, Hammer City, Circle City Derby Girls, Race City Rebels, and Nashville.


B-Cup Tournament footage now online!


2014 B-Cup Champions. Photo by Cory Layman.

B-Cup 2014 was a huge success – thank you to everyone who skated, reffed, and volunteered! And congrats to Mad Rollin’ Dairyland Dolls, the 2014 B-Cup Tournament champions! You can check out B-Cup 2014 footage here.

B-Cup Results:

1st place Mad Rollin’ Dolls Dairyland Dolls B-Team
2nd place Nashville Roller Girls Music City Brawl Stars
3rd place Minnesota RollerGirls Minnesota Nice
4th place Naptown Roller Girls Warning Belles
5th place Toronto Roller Derby Bay Street Bruisers
6th place Cincinnati Rollergirls Violent Lambs
7th place Tri-City Roller Girls Plan B
8th place Bleeding Heartland Code Blue Assassins


B-Cup 2014 Details Announced!

B-Cup-team-poster (1)

B-Cup Tournament 2014

This 8-team, 2-day tournament gives B teams a chance to shine. Come out to the Cardiac Arena for this annual event! You’ll be able to purchase tickets for the full weekend or per day — Saturday runs all day and includes the championship bout. Tickets are on sale online at Brown Paper Tickets and are available locally at Royale Hair Parlor (116 W. 6th St. #101) and Bloom Magazine (414 W. 6th St.) – cash or check only for the latter two.

Dates: February 8-9, 2014

Tickets: $25 for both days, $20 for all-day Saturday, $15 for Saturday evening (the last two bouts of the day), $10 for all-day Sunday

Want to help out? If you volunteer for a four-hour shift, you get in for free! Contact  Kalei Sabaratnam at sabaratnam.k@gmail.com if you’re interested.

If you can’t make it, you can still get in on the excitement by watching live-streamed bouts on Justin.tv or on the Derby News Network. Also, check out the bracket at the end of this page! You can turn yours in for a chance to win prizes. You can also keep up-to-date with B-Cup via social media! Follow us on our new Instagram account, and if you’re at B-Cup, let others know about your awesome bout-viewing experiences on Twitter using #bcup2014!

Participating Teams:

  • Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby Code Blue Assassins
  • Cincinnati Rollergirls Violent Lambs
  • Mad Rollin’ Dolls Dairyland Dolls B-Team
  • Minnesota RollerGirls Minnesota Nice
  • Naptown Roller Girls Warning Belles
  • Nashville Roller Girls Music City Brawl Stars
  • Toronto Roller Derby Bay Street Bruisers
  • Tri-City Roller Girls Plan B

(If you are a visiting skater, click here for our shuttle schedule)


Round 1

Game 1  8:00 a.m. Naptown vs. Tri-City
Game 2  9:45 Minnesota vs. Bleeding Heartland
Game 3  11:30 Toronto vs. Nashville
Game 4  1:15 p.m. Mad Rollin’ vs. Cincinnati

Round 2

Game 5  3:00 Winner of game 2 vs. winner of game 3
Game 6  4:45 Winner of game 1 vs. winner of game 4

Round 3

Game 7  6:30 Loser of game 5 vs. Loser of game 6 (Determines 3rd and 4th place.)
Game 8  8:15 Championship bout (Winner of game 5 vs. winner of game 6)
The B-Cup trophy is awarded after this bout.


Consolation bracket

Game 9  9:00 a.m. (Loser of game 1 vs. Loser of game 4)
Game 10  10:45 (Loser of game 2 vs. Loser of game 3)
Game 11  12:30 p.m. Bout for 7th and 8th place (Loser of game 9 vs. loser of game 10)
Game 12  2:15 Bout for 5th and 6th place (Winner of game 9 vs. winner of game 10)


Bleeding Heartland to travel to Toronto!

Last season, Toronto came to us. Now we’re coming to them.

In our upcoming season, we’ll travel to Canada to participate in Toronto Roller Derby’s Quad City Chaos tournament. From Toronto Roller Derby’s site:

“Quad City Chaos was born out of a desire to show the great city of Toronto what roller derby is made of by bringing high-quality, high-competition roller derby home to the fans in a jam-packed weekend of action. The round-robin style tournament pits 4 WFTDA ranked teams against each other over 6 bouts in 2 days, with 2 bonus B-team bouts to further showcase league talent.”

When Bleeding Heartland played Toronto’s CN Power and Bay Street Bruisers last season, we had intense, nail-biter bouts that ended with losses of just 2 and 3 points for our A and B teams, respectively – and we hope to make a comeback in 2014 and also have a great time playing the other participating leagues. For more information, check out Toronto Roller Derby’s site, and keep checking back with us for updates!

This will be quite a long drive – if you can, consider helping out our fundraising campaign. Donations go to gas money, hotel stays, and healthy meals! You can help out at our Gofundme page. Thanks!

Help us out at our Gofundme page!



Bleeding Heartland vs. Toronto in summer 2013. Photography by Cory Layman.