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BHRD Preseason feat. Home Teams!


New this year! BHRD introduces a Preseason featuring our Home Teams! The Slaughter Scouts, Farm Fatales, and Poison IVs will gear up on three dates, Dec. 3, Jan 28, and March 4. Stay tuned to this event for all the details for each game!

All preseason games will be at our practice facility, the Cardiac Arena.

Seating is limited! For the first game on December 3rd, tickets are donation at the door. Doors open at 5pm, game is at 5:30.

Come check out this friendly game among our BHRD skaters!



BHRG v. Old Capitol

Photos by Cory Layman.


By Guest Correspondent Muckety Muck

BLOOMINGTON, IN — As far as coming out parties go, this was about as perfect as it gets.

At this past weekend’s B-Cup Tournament, the first official WFTDA-sanctioned “A” bout took place at Cardiac Arena between the Flatliners and Old Capitol City’s All-Stars.

Bleeding Heartland, currently ranked eleventh in the WFTDA North Central, expected a challenge from the surging Iowans, ranked nine spots below in the region’s hierarchy.

Knowing this, BHRG Co-Coach Lord Seitan had two missives for his rollers prior to the first whistle being blown. “Work together as a team,” he said. “And work your a**es off.”

Point taken! The Flatliners delivered!

It began with a blinding 75-0 run off the bout’s first eight jams. Jammer Kaka Caliente began BHRG scoring with a 15-point bout opening jam. Nuck L. Sammie added 14 two jams later to extend the lead to 29-0. Caliente added four on the next rotation to stretch the margin to 33-0 with 23:15 left in the period.

Honey Badger with flagThe momentum continued with a pair of power jams. Sammie punched home 25 points at 20:20 to up the ante to 58-0. Caliente followed with a baker’s dozen to push the lead to 71-0. Terror d’Bits concluded the 75-0 rally by posting four with 16:30 left in the period.

Old Capitol City finally posted its first points at the 15:30 mark as OCC jammer Triple D Zaster netted three, but Sammie’s four stretched the Flatliners’ lead to 79-3.

If one thought that the opening uncontested streak posted by BHRG wasn’t convincing enough, another one waited in the wings.

An 86-0 Flatliner flood ensued and blew the bout wide open. Caliente’s four and Sammie’s fourteen stretched the margin to 97-3 with 11:00 left in the period.

Power jams by Caliente and Dare E. Eryn netted 23 and 20, respectively, which extended BHRG’s lead to 140-3 with 6:10 remaining. Following Sammie’s ten-pointer, Caliente added a 15-point power jam to cap the Flatliner run and extend the score to 165-3.

Kaka Caliente vs. Old Capitol

A 23-2 power jam by d’Bits on the first half’s final rotation gave BHRG a 188-5 lead at intermission.

Old Capitol City’s penalty problems persisted in the second half, which allowed the Flatliners to widen the differential.

Sammie’s 19-point power jam with 25:00 remaining widened the margin to 221-9.

Although Old Cap started to show some signs of spark as the second half continued, the BHRG blocking schema continued to keep scoring minimal. Paced by the solid work of Bobbi McGuillotine, Naylor Coffenshutt, Shifty McGee, Mauls Dolls, Special Sass, Bombshell Shock, Manda Runyon, Shock N’ Roll, Pele’s Melee and Aceta Menacin’, the Flatliners held OCC to thirty points collectively with 12:00 to play.

Dare E. Eryn’s 20-point power jam with 10:35 left upped BHRG’s lead to 283-39 and d’Bits’ natural 20-pointer four minutes later pushed the locals’ output above the 300-point barrier, a 311-39 advantage with 6:35 left.

Terror d'Bits vs. Old CapitolThe Flatliners outscored Old Capitol City 132-69 in the second half en route to the 320-74 victory and improve their record to 2-1.

Sammie paced BHRG with 111 points unofficially, followed by 94 from Caliente.

And although scoring stats like that are eye-opening, one will have to agree that the success found in Saturday’s Cardiac Arena debut was truly a collaborative team effort. The 246-win should provide plenty of confidence as the Flatliners host North Central #9 Cincinnati on Saturday, March 2.

If anything, anyone who follows derby nationally now knows that this team most certainly has a pulse.

Sunday scrimmage with Race City & Cornfed a success!

CBAs v. Cornfed. © Courtney Williams (Momma Khaos)

BHRG had its first interleague scrimmage of the season this past Sunday, and it was a blast — thanks to the Race City Rebels and the Cornfed Derby Dames for bouting with us!

It was great to see the combination of positivity and intense competition from all involved, and the scrimmages gave us a chance to test out our new venue, the Cardiac Arena. It was an all-around successful day — thanks to the skaters, refs, junior derby Thunderbirds selling concessions, NSOs, and volunteers. We hope to see you back soon!

Race City v. Flatliners

Race City v. Flatliners. © Courtney Williams (Momma Khaos)