Vengeance Anya

“This hot dish is serving you!”

vengieAs a little kid, Anya loved to do three things: listen to punk rock music, jump off the top of swing sets, and pack a bunch of munchkins in the bed of a pickup to head out for her annual birthday party at the local roller rink. At her 8th birthday party, Anya was happily skating along when she saw the 5th grade bully, Jimmy Tool, push one of her friends off the Ms. PacMan machine right when they were about to beat the high score. Flying into a rage, Anya forgot she was on roller skates and raced toward the bully, screaming “That’s not fair!” She slammed into the bully full force, knocking him flat on his lame a*s. As his friends laughed at the bloody nose a little girl had given him, the bully vowed revenge – on the poor kid he had been picking on in the first place! Deciding to thwart the bully’s plans, Anya set his locker on fire, getting the message out that bullies better beware. From that point on, any perpetrators of injustice at her school met with fates at least twice as terrible as those they dished out. And so, Vengeance Anya was born.

As an adult, Vengeance continued to fight for those too little to stick up for themselves. Hearing a rumor that women were being shoved around in Bloomington, Anya came running – only to find out that the women being pushed were rollergirls, and they needed her help! Strapping on her trusty quad skates, Vengeance found her calling, and combined her childhood love of roller skating with her love of full contact bully bashing. Now Anya gets vengeance on opposing blockers and jammers who dare to mess with her teammates.


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