Val Howler

Howler-1Number: 99
Nickname: Val

On the day the Valkyrie Goddess Freya came to earth to lead the souls of the warrior dead away from the battle field and on to Valhalla she heard a mournful sound. The Valkyrie are curious creatures and she felt the need to investigate. Down down down through the earth she travelled following the sound of profound misery.

At last Freya came to the place where the sound led her. There, chained in eternal captivity stood Fenrir the wolf, bringer of Ragnarok, destroyer of the world, the sun swallower.

Freya stood before the great beast. Awed by his destructive power she felt a kinship to the fabled destroyer. Aware of his destiny to remain a slave until the end of days she knew compassion. She took the mighty creature into her arms and gave him solace from his torment.

From that moment of mercy a seed was planted. And so it came to be that ValHowler was born. An unholy union of Freya’s nobility and Fenrir’s darkness, ValHowler was torn between the worlds of good and evil. Her torment knew no bounds and she struggled always to find balance within herself. In her torment ValHowler threatened to tear down the very fabric of the heavens as she raged. Unable to control the wolf side of her daughter’s nature Freya was forced to cast her child from the heavens.

ValHowler walked the earth in torment, unable to still the beast raging in her soul. No peace was hers, no solace to be found. The good in her soul strived to defeat the darkness of the wolf but it would not be vanquished. Unable to still the darkest urges within herself ValHowler visited her wrath upon the world, and there was chaos and destruction.

And then the gods created Roller Derby. Its violence and nobility called to both sides of ValHowler’s tormented nature. At last ValHowler found a place to unleash the darkest of her sins and the wolf was appeased. For now.

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