Thigh Candy

“She’s easy on the eyes and HARD on everything else”

Candy2015-4Number: 2 sweet
Nickname: Candy

Job on the Track: Using my ass, yep that’s pretty much it, whether I’m booty blocking or knocking bitches down it pretty much all involves the power of the butt.

Trademark Boutfit Piece: I’d have to say last season it was my panties, but since I have to wear plain black panties this season I guess it’s going to have to be the bootylicious butt filling them out!!

Favorite Drink: amaretto stone sour, strawberry daiquiris, wine coolers (yes I get made fun of at after parties!)

Favorite part of Roller Derby: being surrounded by strong, opinionated, loud girls that accept each other for exactly what they are, the after parties, the die-hard fans that get so excited they almost choke on their beer cheering for us, the hits that you feel in your bones the next day, the bruises that look like you’ve gotten into a bar fight, the diversity of the people that are involved in derby and probably the biggest is being able to push yourself physically and mentally past where you think you can go on a daily basis!! Not many grown women can say they ever get to do that. Roller derby has lit a fire inside of me that is absolutely invigorating and carries over into every other aspect of my life. I Freaking LOVE IT!!

Advice for Newbies: PUSH YOURSELF period. Don’t give up, when you think you are going to die literally die just push through one more minute (you can do anything for one minute). My absolute favorite quote is by Thomas Edison “Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” LOVE THIS! If you stop in the middle of a drill because you are winded you will never improve your endurance, if you give up right before you get to the jammer because she’s faster you will never know what it’s like to LAY HER OUT and feel the satisfaction that comes from a lot of hard work.

Pet Peeves: people that quit/give up/don’t try, people that judge, people that can’t laugh at themselves!!

“If you can make a girl laugh you can get her to do most anything else.” -Marilyn Monroe

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