Terror d’Bits

“She’s going to tear you into itty bitty pieces.”

terror1Number: 27
Nickname: Bitsy

Terror d’Bits wasn’t always so terrible. Born in the high desert of southern California, she had all the makings of a normal life: kind mother, generous father, and loyal dog. At a young age, she could be seen romping among the Joshua trees, playing with the lizards, or painting pictures in the sand. One unassuming day, she came home to find her house empty of all life save the molding jello in the refrigerator. Following what appeared to be the footprints of a large animal, she was led to a dark cave several miles from home. Upon entering the cavernous realm, she was confronted with the most gruesome sight humanly imaginable. But human she was no longer, for as she turned around amidst the bloody remains of her family, something terrible was unlocked within her. And sure enough, as the cougar who committed the foul murderous act leapt out of the shadows to end what he began, carnage ensued and Terror d’Bits was born. Gone was the innocent child living in harmony with her surroundings – her halcyon days were over. A new beast would roam the land – one who neither yielded to sympathy nor conceded to cuteness. Vowing to avenge the memory of her family, Terror d’Bits continues to slaughter her victims on the derby track. With the stealth of a wild cat and the ferocity of a grizzly, she’ll Terror d’Bits. Watch out- she eats kittens for breakfast!


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