Sue Cidal

“A danger to herself and others.”

sue_cidal2Little can be found on Sue Cidal’s past, but what has been discovered is enough to understand or question her state of mind.

Sue had a long history with the law, in and out of prison; living on the streets, when she was finally given a break, either go back to prison or become a secret agent for the world’â„¢s Special Forces. They put her thru rigorous training on weaponry, strategic maneuvers and the ability to change her identity. She went from one assignment to another without a hitch, becoming one of the top agents in her field with a license to kill, until one tragic accident during one of her top secret overseas missions left her near death. She was quickly taken to a secret hospital where she laid in a drug-induce coma for six months and one day until she recovered from the multiple reconstructive surgeries she had undergone. Upon awakening they discovered she had very little memory of who she was her only memories were remnants of her training, which seemed to be triggered without a moments notice. They had no choice but to label Sue Cidal as a danger to society and they committed her to a mental institution. After ten years of testing, shock therapy and mind altering drugs to erase her memory completely (or so they thought), she was released into the world, alone to start a new life.

Then the Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls found her, they took Sue in, and she found a new way to use her training, they retrained her to control her erratic behavior until she was on the track. Her mission, block, knock down and skate fast, to do whatever it takes to bring the enemy down and protect her team, her new family.

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