Squirrely Shirley

squirrelyNumber: 8corn
Nickname: Squirrel
Pronouns: she/her

My derby name: I chose my name because it was my Grandma Shirley’s nickname when she was younger. My grandma has always been my hero so I wanted to honor her by using her name.

How long I’ve been involved with derby: I’ve been involved with BHRD since 2010. I’ve skated two seasons (this will be my third), and I’ve coached for the CBAs and the PIVs. I’ve also volunteered and NSOed.

Favorite derby move: I love giving a good can opener and knocking skaters on their butts.

Favorite part of derby: It has to be the love of derby and community that my team and I share. The bonding and joy that skating with your team brings can’t be compared to anything else I’ve ever done.

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