spynnSpynn’s mother held the lead in the last turn of a five lap speed skating race when her water broke. Everyone thought it was insane for a pregnant woman to continue skating the enitre length of her pregnancy, but much to their surprise Spynn was not only healthy and unharmed– she was born to skate. At only 10 months old, Spynn donned her first pair of skates, made by her father. Luckily, she was born of a speed skating family, for who else could outfit a growing child going through two pairs of skates a year? She practically slept with her skates on for nine years, until one day her family moved out of the city and away from the rink she called home. Even then, everywhere Spynn went she carried her skates with her, just in case she came across a decent sidewalk or an empty parking lot and some spare time.

She’s back now, and she’s making up for lost time, skating anywhere and everywhere she possibly can. What was that blur that just passed you on Kirkwood Avenue? Chances are, it was Spynn. Speed skating has gone to the in-liners, but Spynn’s sticking with that old school style, and she’s ready to skate circles around you.

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