Shock ‘n Roll

shockie-actionNumber: 24 7
Nickname: Shockie or Spider Legs

Favorite parts of roller derby: When we break the spirit of the opposing jammer, getting to coach such an awesome group of people, and when Dick Smack talks about the House of Shock

Worst Injury: Broken and displaced fibula. Plate and screws to repair. Then getting the plate removed… I broke the surgeon’s drill bits!

Best injury: When I thought I’d broken my thumb by jamming it into the ass of one of the Windy City All-Stars in the first jam of a scrimmage. Turns out their butts are very firm.

Favorite Rollergirl: Bombshell Shock

2013 Season Goal: Skate with the BHRG at a Division 1 tournament.

Roller Girl of the Week: Shock ‘n Roll

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