Scarlet Witch

“She’s brewing up a potion of pain!”

Scar-2Number: 311
Nickname: Scar

Name Origin: Scarlet Witch is originally from X-Men. With the power to manipulate probability, she is the nerdiest superhero ever. While I can’t claim to be the nerdiest derby girl ever, I’m a top contender.

Favorite song to skate to: Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” or “How Low” by Ludacris

Pre-bout ritual: Watch everyone else freak out. I rarely get overly excited about anything and I don’t get nervous about playing. So after warm-ups, I like to sit, wait, and watch.

Favorite drink: You can offer to buy me a beer at the afterparty, but I’m probably just going to give it to my derby wife. Want to win my heart? Buy me a shot of Jack or Maker’s.

Roller Girl of the Week: Scarlet Witch

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