sagiBorn a Centaur, (half woman, half horse) Sagiterrorist grew up on the isle of Athon. She had a love of archery, and grew skilled at the sport quite quickly. As a young lass, she often saw ships passing by her home island in the distant, and grew curious about life beyond her comfort zone. One day a ship docked on her island, and she gazed upon a sailor who swiftly stole her heart. She begged the local sorcerer to change her into a full woman so she could win over the affection of the young man, and he begrudgingly granted her wish. But alas, as often happens, the lad eventually broke her heart and threw our heroine into a rage. She began seeking revenge on all mankind and terrorized young couples by shooting them through the heart with her bow and arrow, thus earning her name. Eventually jailed, upon rehabilitation she learned to channel her rage into a new sport, slightly less lethal, and joined the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls. So far she’s been able to control her emotions off the track, just don’t mess with her on it!

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