Roxy Shox

roxyRoxy Shox was found in a dumpster when she was six weeks old and is rumored to be the love child of Rosanne Barr and John Waters. She spent her formative years being shuffled through juvenile detention centers and under went some 90 unsuccessful rounds of shock therapy to control her “unladylike behavior”. She ran away from foster care in high school with 3 dollars and her roller skates making money as a skating, dancing waitress at truck stops and upscale 50’s style drive-in diners. In 1998 she skated from Hollywood to Nowhere, IN. where she lived on the streets with her 5 cats until she was discovered by her mentor and coach, Anida Coppa Feel, who attempted to “solve” her Burt Reynolds problem when he refused to cast Roxy as Roller Girl in his film, Boogie Nights.

Currently, Roxy is vying for the role of Dorothy in a rendition of The Wizard of Oz on roller skates with her cats cast as the flying monkeys and Paris Hilton as The Wicked Witch of the West.

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