Pele’s Melee

“She’s a bubbling-hot cauldron of doom, and she’s gonna blow!”

Pele1Number: 808
Nickname: Pele

Boutfit trademark piece: A black bandanna with flames on it. It’s my lucky bandanna that also represents an aspect of the original Pele.

What does your name mean: Contrary to popular belief, my name is not based on a particular soccer star. Pele is the Hawaiian volcano goddess. I find it very appropriate for roller derby.

Favorite song to skate to: Cupid Shuffle! No, wait – that’s for the Afterparty. Then, it’s “I Like to Move it”. Can’t help but skate fast to that song.

Favorite part of roller derby: There’s so many! My league, the sport itself, and mostly the confidence it gives me and what it’s taught me about my capabilities.

Advice for those wanting to succeed in derby: Age is irrelevant. All it takes is desire and effort. I started at age 36, and and I’m now in my fifth season and turning 41. To succeed, all you gotta do is be willing to try.

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