Naylor Coffenshutt

Coffee-1Number: 21 nails
Nickname: Naylor

If you have ever immersed yourself in the devious works of Alistair Crowley (a British occultist, black magic witch-doctor), you may have rubbed up against the Legend of Naylor Coffenshutt, one of the many phantom menaces of medieval Scotland. Naylor is said to have been a real person and not just a ghost, though this remains hotly contested…

Signature move: Jammer Hammer

Favorite ride: Tricked out hearse with four on the floor

Favorite drink: Formaldehyde & Tonic

Favorite song to skate to: Enter Sandman

What Naylor would be doing if she wasn’t a rollergirl: She would continue to haunt and loot coffins in the Greater United Kingdom (her country of origin) snaking memorabilia from corpse after corpse without ever leaving a trace, except for her signature tacks that she would use to carefully and respectfully close the seals on the said coffins.

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