Molly McFracture

molly_mcfractureBorn in Ireland, into a family best known for their dedicated service with the Irish Republican Army, Molly McFracture learned the ethics of resistance and hard action plans early. After roller skating her youth through the glass-filled streets of Free Derby surrounded by gun running, defiant broken negotiations and nationalist rebellion she crossed the pond to plot, organize and mobilize. Reeking havoc fighting corporate greed and envirocide in the states she left a wake of bomb shards, bullet filled knee caps and bloody reprisals as she crisscrossed the country avoiding federal capture, leaving only her skate’s wheel tracks as evidence.

Her latest feat, the armed recruitment of the tough as nails skaters known as the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls’ Flatliners, brings these rolling, rebellious troublemakers into regimented and brutal unity. Through grueling drills, high expectations and a “do or die” attitude she has shaped these rough and aggressive girls into a faster, lower and stronger team that her Ma and Da would be proud of.

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