James Bomb

james_bombJames Bomb was born at an undisclosed location in Scotland. Her parents being spies themselves, they trained little James for a life of espionage. By the time Bomb was 13 she had her double-o license to kill from MI6 and was more than ready to use it.

For many years she went all over the world spying and killing in the name of the Queen until one day, not too long ago, she lost the love of her life in a freak electric eel accident. After that, killing wasn’t as much fun. Bomb decided she needed a change of scenery and moved to the states. She continued to work for the MI6 hoping her love for the job would come back.

One fateful day while spying she came across a flyer for the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls and decided to check it out.

It took watching only a few minutes of one bout to get Bomb hooked. She immediately got her thirst for blood back and wanted in on the action. Incorporating some of her own deadly moves on the track, James Bomb is neither shaken nor stirred.

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