Harriet of Fire

Where there is smoke… there was Harriet of Fire!


As a child, Harriet terrorized her neighborhood with unexplainable screaming and rage. Descended from the goddess of combat and ancient olympic champions, Harriet tried many sports- finding them all insufficient. Intending to pay honor to her supreme Olympic forbears, the mantle of triumph became the vision and presiding over the competition the decree. Her skills have grown over the years to supplement her raw talent, obvious to all who bear witness. Her quiver holds the arrows of varied experience; her feet afire to deliver their sting. Needing an outlet for her remarkable dissatisfaction with the state of our mortal realm, she found as yet untapped, deity inherited superpowers with the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls. She strapped on her skates and stepped into the rink with the spark of greatness in her eyes. From that moment the spark has grown to a roaring flame as she breaks records and astounds audiences with her strength, agility and speed. Get in her way and you WILL get burned.

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