Felanie Charges

“She’s a bad girl gone worse.”

felanie_chargesNumber: 481
Nickname: Fel

Felanie Charges has been wreaking havoc on society at large since she was born in a small town in southeast Iowa in the late seventies. Her parents were unable to handle her violent tantrums (even in utero she risked her mother’s life by kicking and punching). Forced out on her own at age seven, she supported herself on the mean streets of Keokuk with petty theft and other misdemeanors until she was eventually locked up for multiple felony hit and runs. Five of her nine years in prison were spent in solitary confinement for gang-related violence. Since she still has a penchant for fisticuffs, gang activity, and speed, her parole officer forwarded her to BHRG for more constructive destruction. BHRG and the State of Indiana are not responsible for the actions of Felanie Charges. All persons engaging with Felanie Charges on the track and off, do so at their own risk.

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