Charmed N. Dangerous

“She has escaped and she’s gonna vanquish your sorry ass!”


Charmed N Dangerous was born of a white witch and a demon over a century ago. After the leader of the demonic underworld discovered her forbidden birth, her demon father was immediately found and vanquished. Her mother, just before her horrific demise and knowing she and her daughter were next, left Baby Charmed with a secret coven. Her whole life, Charmed was kept hidden from the waking world for her own protection. But as she matured, she could feel her powers growing. She tried to behave but being half demon made her extremely hard to control — she loved flirting with danger.

The coven soon feared she was turning evil. They believed an animal sacrifice would expel the demon within. As Charmed watched the innocent animal die, anger overwhelmed her soul and she soon took out the entire coven. She knew she had to leave that place before the demons sensed the destruction. Today she is trying to adjust to this new world, to blend in with the humans so she will not be discovered. Charmed N Dangerous has found the perfect place to vent her anger–The Bleeding Heartland.


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