Boogie Tights

“She can do The Bump all night long. Are you sure you know how to do it?”

boogie1A child born unto the 70’s with parents who owned a bumpin’ Disco nightclub underneath their flat, Boogie Tights started off her childhood with eyes wide open to platform shoes, polyester shirts, drinking, drugs and `The Bump’. Her parents would tuck her in at night with her Snoopy stuffed animal in her bedroom above the Disco where she would lie awake listening to groovy disco beats and razor blades clicking on mirrors. She and Snoopy often sneaked downstairs and witnessed many a passionate fistfight and wild partying.

During the daylight hours Boogie would lace up her roller skates and hit the dance floor mimicking all the moves seen from the previous night while her parent’s slept off whatever substance was popular the night before. Fight moves, dance moves, slick moves; whatever she could get away with on skates while the daytime dance floor was all hers. Now the derby track is all hers as she claims it with those dance floor moves.


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