Blue Falcon

falcon1Number: 1369
Nickname: Falco

How did you get involved with roller derby? After hearing a promo invite on the local radio station, I decided to check out what the hype was all about.   The hype did not disappoint!

Derby for me has become a way to not only get involved in the local community but also as a way to get a different workout in.  The friendships and encouragement I have received  by being apart of the team, makes me believe that it is much  more than a team but  a FAMILY!

How old are you?   36 years old

How long have you been skating?  A little over 7 months

Employer? United States, Marine Corps going on 18 years

Are you married?  Yes (and he thinks that I’m turning into a zombie)

Did you have kids?  Only fur kids, 3 Slobbering English Bulldogs. Huey, Yankie and Yoshi.

Are you from Indiana? No, I came from California but was born in the rocky mountain state.

What’s your skater name and how did you get it?  I skate under the name Blue Falcon,  but you can call me Falco.  ROCK ME AMADEUS!  The term blue falcon is a military term for buddy F***er.

How did you choose your number 1369?  13 is unlucky and 69 you can guess for yourself.

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