Betty Wreckognize

“She gonna check yo-self, then wreck yo-self!”


Number: 187
Nickname: Betty

Betty Wreckognize was first discovered as a toddler, hustling tourists on the rough streets of Philly. Her innocent charm and deceptive smile suckered hundreds into losing their cash to this adorable little trickster. Growing up with the B-Boys of the back alleys, the ladies flocked to Betty for both her protection and also her tenderness. The Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls found her in a local club, flossing her bling and laying the smack down. Hearing of her chance to charm the crowds and flex her mad street cred, Betty joined up with these bad-ass ladies. Now when she ain’t tearing up the track, she’s keepin’ those young hustlin’ girls on the straight and narrow, spreading the message that you best step correct or you betta recognize, fools.


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