Betti Rampage

Outta her way!

Betti Rampage’s first evening at a roller rink was also her first evening in an emergency room. Until that fateful night, Betti had aspired to being an upright citizen, a good girl if you will, and she still does a decent impersonation, but don’t be fooled.

Over twenty years later, Betti is still furious at the older, faster rink rat who knocked her rickety rental skates out from under her. The blinding pain of a broken wrist caused Betti to forget her adversary’s face, but her rage continues to grow. Fortunately, the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls took her in, trained her, and provided a way for her to exact revenge – on all other Rollergirls.

A few short months into her training, it was discovered that Betti is harboring a future rink rat. Following doctor’s orders, Betti’s skates are gathering dust, but her derby lust is expanding faster than she is. She’ll be bigger, badder, and angrier than ever when she returns!

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