Aceta Menacin’ – Arch Rival Rollergirls
Alexi Lawless – Providence Roller Derby
Bipolar Curves – Wasatch Roller Derby
Bombshell Shock – Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Bruisey Ricardo – Naptown Roller Derby
Dirt Diggler – Arch Rival Rollergirls (retired)
Dirty South (formerly Dr. T.  South) – Rat City Rollergirls
Eternal Glamnation – Dominion Derby Girls
Frisky Sour – Rose City Rollers (retired)
Goldilock Stock ‘n Barrel – Windy City Rollers
Jalapeño Grill – Bay Area Derby Girls (retired)
Lego Blox – TBA
Margles McNasty – Chicago Outfit (retired)
Megabyte – Northern Lightning Rollergirls (retired)
Mona Mour – Boston Derby Dames (retired)
Morfiend – Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Mostly Harmless – Texas Rollergirls Hustlers (retired)
Motley Cruel – Cedar Rapids Rollergirls (retired)
North Scar – Central New York Roller Derby
Nuck L. Sammie – Naptown Roller Derby
Nutritional Beast – Providence Roller Derby
Old Broad – Naptown Roller Derby (retired)
Para Doxie – Rose City Rollers

Party Foul – Arch Rival Roller Girls
Pele’s Melee – Circle City Derby Girls
Rocket Docket – Naptown Roller Derby
Rockit Ma’am – Circle City Derby Girls (retired)
Shock ‘N Roll – Ithaca League of Women Rollers

Speedium Rear – Cincinnati Rollergirls
Uh Huh Hurricane – Naptown Roller Derby (retired)
Unicoroner – Windy City Rollers (retired)
X Libris – Grand Raggidy Rollergirls (retired)