Mauls Dolls

maulsNumber: 594
Nickname: Mauls

Story behind the name: I used to ride to high school with my friend, Lisa K. (Her last name is long, Polish, and unpronounceable by me and therefore shortened to “K”.) She always had the Beastie Boys cassette playing, usually the song “Egg Man.” She also nicknamed me “Moll Doll”. I am proud to use her moniker for me as my derby identity!

Favorite move: The booty block. Simple and effective!

Favorite non-athletic thing about roller derby: sparkly short-shorts!

Favorite adult beverage(s): A dry vodka martini with a twist of lime. Or ginger beer with Maker’s. Or a pina colada. Or a nice craft beer.

Favorite activities (other than roller derby): Knitting, cooking, having friends over–preferably all three at the same time!

Mauls trivia: I have an accordion, which I can sort of play. I have never seen “The Christmas Story.” I hate pickles, celery, and canned tuna.

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