Knock’r Down

“She’s the result of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object!”

Number: 18
Nickname: Knock’r

“Li’l Ding,” as her classmates once called her, used to take it on the chin a lot at school.  She had her Barbie lunch box taken from her as she walked out onto the school yard playground and was subjected to the cruel game of keep-away. The occasional taunt of “knock her down, she’s too small she won’t fight back” would echo through her head.  This was nothing new but she still hated it and vowed to herself that when she grew up this would never happen to her again.

Every day at lunch as she was pushed to the ground and her lunch box taken, she thought about what she would do to her tormentors. She knew that she was too small, weak, to be able to do anything about her situation then, but just wait! The bigger girls picked on her and made fun of her chicken legs and skinny hips. The years pass and she grew up and she filled out both in mind and in body.  She became a woman, and she still remembered the school yard torments and she wanted revenge.

She had been a speed and jam skater in Junior High/High school and had been pretty good.  But time passed, life happened and she thought that was all behind her. Then she heard about a sport, roller derby, and her friends encourage her to participate.  She put on the skates, she put on the helmet, and she put on the knee, wrist, and elbow pads.  They gave her a shirt with a number on it and she skated.  She thought back to those school yard bullies from so long ago and her mind screamed out a response.  Knock’r Down!  That is the name she has chosen, it is a challenge that she dares you to try.

Ms. Knock’r, as the ladies call her now, turned the tables on those puny bitches that done her wrong. Try to knock her down and you will find yourself flat on the derby floor.  She will not be knocked down again; she will soar around the floor getting retribution on all of those that would dare to try to knock her down.  Be afraid, be very afraid, there is hate in those eyes, there is anger in that stance, and her tormentors are in for a rude awakening! Roller girls beware: if you want to face her down, you’ll have to do it between classes in the School of Hard Knocks!  Knock’r Down?  Knock you down, and listen to her laugh as she leaves you in her roller dust!


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