B-Cup 2019

Every year, BHRD invites teams from across the U.S. (and Canada!) to participate in our two-day tournament for B-teams called “B-Cup.” This year, BHRD will be hosting the tournament at The Warehouse on March 2 and 3.

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Upcoming Bouts

BHRD is dedicating the 2019 season to traveling. Here is our 2019 schedule for any who are interested in following the team:

May 18 BHRD vs. Terrorz in Columbus, Ind.
June 8 BHRD vs. Demolition City in Evansville, Ind.

July 13 BHRD vs. Fleur Delinquents in St. Louis, Mo.  
September 7 BHRD vs. The Dire Skates in Richmond, Ind. 

September 21 BHRD vs. The Chicago Outfit in Cicero, Ill.

Continuous Events

In addition to our league practices, BHRD hosts a beginner skate program every week called the Disorderlies. We use the program to invite new skaters to enter the world of roller derby in a friendly and fun setting. Learn more about DOs