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Photo by Cory Layman

Now Accepting 2016 B-Cup Officials’ Applications


Photo by Cory Layman

Photo by Cory Layman

Calling all officials! 

Applications for our 6th annual B-Cup tournament are now open! B-Cup will be held April 23-24, 2016 in glorious Bloomington, IN.

Apply now!

There will be 12 WFTDA regulation games between 8 WFTDA B teams. By applying, you agree that you are available to work all day both days and that you will notify the Tournament Head Referee and NSO as quickly as possible if that changes. There will also be an officials’ meeting on Friday, April 22. We hope that all officials will be able to attend this meeting, but schedule conflicts with the meeting will not impact tournament staffing.

Tournament Head Referee: Epic Brendemic —
Tournament Head NSO: Silken Tofu —

Applications are open until Friday, January 8. All applicants will be notified of their acceptance status no later than Friday, February 12.

Click here to fill out a B-Cup Officials’ Application!

B-Cup teams will be announced mid-November.


Now Accepting B-Cup Tournament Applications!

B-Cup 2015

Photography by Cory Layman.

Bleeding Heartland is hosting its annual B-team tournament from April 23-24, 2016, and we would like to invite your league to participate. Apply here!

The goal of this tournament is to assemble a mix of WFTDA B-teams for some badass derby action; we select teams based on criteria including WFTDA rank, prior participation at B-Cup, and geography. We try to get teams old and new, near and far!

A bout during B-Cup 2015

B-Cup 2015

The sixth annual “B-Cup” will be an eight-team tourney run according to WFTDA rules and standard practices. We will again be able to guarantee all participating leagues three games (please see the example bracket below). Previous years’ participants have included B-teams from Montreal, Madison, Minnesota, Detroit, Charm City, Arch Rival, Toronto, Naptown, Nashville, Tri-City, and Cincinnati. We are planning to submit referee evaluations at this event in an effort to recruit the best refs possible, so please encourage your league’s referees to apply! (Officials application will be available soon.)

The tournament will be held at Frank Southern Ice Arena, which is only a couple miles away from downtown Bloomington and our sponsoring hotels. The arena is an excellent facility with a polished concrete floor. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about it.

The tournament application is due Nov. 2, 2015. Apply with this form.

We will notify you by Nov. 16, 2015, if you are accepted to participate in the tournament, and you will then have until Jan. 11, 2016, to submit your payment. Entry fees are $500 per team. We ask that only B-teams, not home teams or A-teams, apply to this tournament. Please send all questions to

2016 Example Bracket:

Saturday, April 23, Day 1 – 8 a.m. start
Game 1 – Team A vs. Team B (Winner: Team A)
Game 2 – Team C vs. Team D (Winner: Team C)
Game 3 – Team E vs. Team F (Winner: Team E)
Game 4 – Team G vs. Team H (Winner: Team G)
Game 5 – Team A vs. Team C (Winner: Team A)
Game 6 – Team E vs. Team G (Winner: Team E)
Game 7 – Team F vs. Team H (Winner: Team F)
Game 8 – Championship bout Team A vs. Team E

Sunday, April 24, Day 2 – 9 a.m. start
Game 9 – Team B vs. Team D (Winner: Team B)
Game 10 – Third/fourth place bout Team C vs. Team G
Game 11 – Fifth/sixth place bout Team B vs. Team F
Game 12 – Seventh/eighth place bout Team D vs. Team H

Photos by Cory Layman.

B-Cup 2015 Bout Footage Available!

Photos by Cory Layman.

Photos by Cory Layman.

Whew! B-Cup 2015 is in the books! Congratulations to our B-Cup 2015 champions, the Montreal Sexpos! Great job to Naptown Roller Girls Warning Bells for coming in second, and Nashville Rollergirls Brawl Stars for taking third.

We’d like to say thank you to everyone involved for making this weekend so very special—thank you to everyone who planned and organized the tournament, the officials who worked it and kept us on schedule, the amazingly talented teams who played some FANTASTIC derby, the vendors who kept us well-fed and fully stocked up on gear and merch, the EMTs for fixing us up when we got injured, the announcers for making the bouts so darn entertaining, and all the other volunteers who make this production happen. We really couldn’t do it without you.

While we unfortunately don’t have footage for every bout, below are links to bout footage from the tournament:

17256882096_27eb5a1bec_oBHRD vs. Montreal
Demo vs. Nashville
Naptown vs. Lansing
North Star vs. Boulder
Naptown vs. Nashville
Montreal vs. North Star
Demo vs. Lansing
Demo vs. Boulder
BHRD vs. Lansing
BHRD vs. Boulder / Boulder’s video of BHRD vs. Boulder

B-Cup photography can also be found at ClayMan photography, the Flickr account of Cory Layman, our fantastic bout photographer.



B-Cup Tournament 2015

Join us for our 5th annual B-Cup Tournament! Watch as eight B-teams from around the world take each other on from April 18-19.

Participating Teams

Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby’s Code Blue Assassins (Bloomington, IN)
Boulder County Bombers’ Bombshells (Boulder, CO)
Demolition City Roller Derby’s Destruction Dames (Evansville, IN)
Lansing Derby Vixens’ Capital Corruption (Lansing, MI)
Montreal Roller Derby’s The Sexpos (Montreal Canada)
Naptown Rollergirls’ Warning Belles (Indianapolis, IN)
Nashville Rollergirls’ Music City Brawl Stars (Nashville, TN)
North Star Roller Girls’ Northern Lights (Minneapolis, MN)

Bouts start at 8 a.m. on Saturday and 9 a.m. on Sunday at Frank Southern Ice Arena, 1965 S. Henderson St., Bloomington, IN 47401. There will be eight bouts total on Saturday and four bouts total on Sunday.

Ticket Prices


$25 for both days
$20 for all day Saturday 

$10 for Saturday night
Doors will open at 6 p.m.
3rd/4th place bout will start at 6:30 p.m.
Championship bout will start approximately 8:15p.m.

$10 for Sunday only


Download the Bracket!

Day 1 (Saturday, April 18)

Round 1

Game 1 8 a.m. Montreal v. Bleeding Heartland
Game 2 9:45 a.m. Nashville v. Demo City
Game 3 11:30 a.m. Naptown v. Lansing
Game 4 1:15 p.m. Boulder County v. North Star

Round 2

Game 5 3:00 p.m. Winner of game 2 vs. winner of game 3
Game 6 4:45 p.m. Winner of game 1 vs. winner of game 4

Round 3

Game 7 6:30 p.m. Loser of game 5 vs. Loser of game 6 (This determines 3rd and 4th place)
Game 8 8:15 p.m. Championship bout (Winner of game 5 vs. winner of game 6)
B-Cup trophy winner announced following championship bout.

Day 2 (Sunday, April 19)—Consolation bracket

Game 9 9:00 am (Loser of game 1 vs. Loser of game 4)
Game 10 10:45 (Loser of game 2 vs. Loser of game 3)
Game 11 12:30 pm Bout for 7th and 8th place (Loser of game 9 vs. loser of game 10)
Game 12 2:15 Bout for 5th and 6th place (Winner of game 9 vs. winner of game 10)

Join us for the after party Saturday night at The Backdoor, located at 207 South College Ave., Bloomington IN.


Food Trucks

B-Cup 2015 Logos

B-Cup 2015 Teams Announced!

B-Cup 2015 Logos

We’re pleased to announce the eight teams that will compete for the B-Cup Trophy in April 2015:

  • Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby’s Code Blue Assassins
  • Boulder County Bombers’ Bombshells
  • Demolition City Roller Derby’s Destruction Dames
  • Lansing Derby Vixens’ Capital Corruption
  • Montreal Roller Derby’s The Sexpos
  • Naptown Rollergirls’ Warning Belles
  • Nashville Rollergirls’ Music City Brawl Stars
  • North Star Roller Girls’ Northern Lights