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Grand Raggidy Bout Recap

gr1By Aceta Menacin’
Photography by DeFord Designs (Deanna Bradford, a.k.a. Soul Collector)

Saturday, April 26 ­– Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan to take on the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls in two tense games.

The first bout of the night set the Code Blue Assassins against Grand Raggidy’s Attack! B-team. The game started well for the CBAs, who gained an early lead. The first few jams were low-scoring, but Eddie Muncher, Dr. T. South, and JackJack Attack consistently took points while strong CBA walls held the opposing jammers, lifting the score to 18-1 BHRD. However, Attack! blockers soon adapted and began to close the gap, bringing to score to a tie 24-24 five jams later. Power jams and penalties began to take out the Code Blue Assassins, and Attack! jammers Rosie Root Canal and Selena Goremez racked up points, taking the score to 59-29 Grand Raggidy. The Code Blue Assassins kept fighting, and by the end of the half, they brought the game to a 10 point difference at 63-53 Grand Raggidy.

gr2Attack! came out of halftime strong and smart, and they picked up their momentum. Blockers Sugarpants, Vibrant Vengeance, and Bashin Robyns played strong defense while the Grand Raggidy jammers repeatedly took lead. Despite CBA jammers keeping up the fight, Attack! almost doubled their points as they held the CBAs from scoring, 118-53, before Dr. T. South took lead and points after great offense by Mad-Eye Maggie. The Code Blue Assassin packs began to hold up against Attack!, keeping them scoreless for six jams as CBA jammers took 12 points, but the final push didn’t overtake the differential. The game ended 154-89 Attack!gr4

The second bout was a rough fight between the BHRD Flatliners and the GRRG All-Stars. These two teams last played each other during the Fort Wayne Division 1 Tournament in September 2013, in which Grand Raggidy came out victorious. Since then, GRRG lost three skaters and BHRD lost ten from the roster to retirement. Grand Raggidy showed up ready to take the win again and hit the ground skating. GRRG kept the Flatiners from scoring for the first seven jams while they racked up 24 points. Grand Raggidy jammers Lucy Morals, Ultrafox, and Xtreme Tac kept their scoring momentum up as the game progressed.

gr5The Flatliners became caught up on Grand Raggidy’s hard hits and quick wall destruction. As the points hit 47-1, the Flatliners had an opening to close the differential with two back-to-back power jams on Ultrafox. Nuck L. Sammie and Bipolar Curves were able to bring the score up to 18. Grand Raggidy returned to scoring, but their speed slowed as Shifty McGee, Uh Huh Hurricane, and Mauls Dolls began to hold their jammers. Just before halftime, Grand Raggidy broke the century mark and ended the period with a score of 108-34.

In the final half, the Flatliners picked up their pace but couldn’t match an early 30-point jam by Ultrafox, which was followed by a power jam. Soon the score reached 154-43 Grand Raggidy. The next jams brought Bleeding Heartland two of their own power jams, and Bruisey Ricardo and Bipolar Curves each took multiple passes despite strong Grand Raggidy blocking by Bidi Bidi Bang Bang and Ringo Deathstarr, taking the score to 168-76.

Not long after, skaters on both teams began to play more aggressively, and soon Garden Ho was ejected from the game for gross misconduct toward Shifty McGee.. A failed panty pass led to a power jam for Grand Raggidy, who broke 200 points as Flatliner blockers begin to take turns in the box.

gr3Nuck L. Sammie’s 19 point power jam took the Flatliners into three digits, coming to a score of 106 against Grand Raggidy’s 244. A final push by BHRD in the last five jams with excellent blocking by Shifty McGee, Mauls Dolls, and Mersadist lead to a steady stream of points, and the game ended at 246-120 with another win to Grand Raggidy.


May 10th Charity Bout


Come join us at our next home bout double-header!

Bloomington Thunderbirds Junior Roller Derby will start off the night with an intraleague exhibition bout, followed by BHRD’s Kittens taking on BHRD’s Unicorns in our annual Costume Charity Bout! A portion of the door proceeds go to benefit the Bloomington Animal Shelter.

Live Rock n’ Roll music will also be provided by Don’t Call Me Betty!

Venue: Frank Southern Ice Arena
1965 S. Henderson St, Bloomington, IN 47401

Click for Facebook event.

5pm Doors open
6pm Thunderbirds Junior Derby exhibition bout
7:45pm Costume bout – Kittens vs. Unicorns

You can purchase tickets in advance from BLOOM Magazine, Royale Hair Parlor, or from your favorite skater. You can also purchase them online at Brown Paper Tickets. Kids 5 and under are free!

$10 – in advance
$15 – at door
$5 – 16 and under
Free – 5 and under
$50 – “6 Pack” in advance (6 for the price of 5)
$75 – “6 Pack” at door (6 for the price of 5)

Looking for a way to get involved? Want to get in for free? Consider volunteering! Contact our volunteer coordinator, Kalei Sabaratnam.


BHRD Season Opener Recap

By Aceta Menacin’ | Photography by Cory Layman

This past Saturday, April 5th, Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby had two whirlwind home bouts against one of Windy City Rollers’ home teams, the Manic Attackers, and the Little Steel Lawless Rollers at Frank Southern Ice Arena.

The Code Blue Assassins started the night against Chicago’s Windy City Manic Attackers. The Manic Attackers started strong with a power jam and 18 points on the board. However, the CBA jammers kept the pressure on, and Eddie Muncher was the first to put points on the board for BHRD.


Both teams had many power jams, but the new 30-second penalties meant fewer gigantic scoring rounds. The strong Windy City walls frequently held the CBA jammers in the back, allowing their own jammers to take lead. The CBA defense kept the Manic Attackers from hiking the score up, and ten minutes in, the points sat at 31-69.

Eddie Muncher and JackJack Attack were tenacious jammers against powerful Manic Attackers blockers, often helped by quick offensive hits by Oxford Coma and Mad-Eye Maggie. Fast footwork by a cycle of jammers and smart blocking on top of more power jams lifted the score up to 135-35 with under ten minutes to go in the first half.  A huge jam for Manic Attacker jammer Meanie Baby finished out the first period.

The Code Blue Assassins started the second half with a power jam; Spazz Jam, JackJack Attack, Spools of Dread, and Ginsu Slice deftly got Speedium Rear out and scoring before the Windy City jammer came out of the box. The teams traded power jams, and both began putting up points. The Manic Attackers continued their pattern of four- and five-point jams through the rest of the game, but the Code Blue Assassins worked hard to make holes in their defense and get their jammers out.


Of note were some great hits by Mad-Eye Maggie, Rocket Docket, and Spazz Jam that held Windy City jammers in the pack. Eddie Muncher continued to force her way out of tight Manic Attacker packs that often included Teqkillya and Beth Amphetamine, forcing the opposing jammers to call the jam early or taking lead for herself. With fewer than 15 minutes left in the game, the score was 256-89. More Windy City power jams and tight defensive walls for the rest of the bout led the differential to continue to increase, and the game finished with a final score of 307 to 95.

The second bout of the night pitted the Flatliners against Little Steel Lawless Rollers of Youngstown, Ohio. Nuck L. Sammie drew first blood and called it with a quick 4 points before Little Steel’s jammer could reach the pack. The Flatliner defense kept Little Steel to zero points for the first five minutes. Team captain Ground Zero was the first to make a scoring pass for Little Steel, but Bipolar Curves stepped up to the line next and scored two grand slams and some change for the Flatliners.  After a BHRD power jam, the score rose to 61-13. Little Steel kept fighting for points with fast offensive transitions, and with ten minutes left in the half, they brought their score up to 21 against the Flatliner’s 89.


The Flatliner jammers weren’t slowing down, though, and after strong packs and power jams – along with a classic apex jump by Nuck L. Sammie – the score was up to 117-31 with five minutes left in the half. Special Sass and Shifty McGee laid crushing hits on Little Steel jammers and held them from scoring while BHRD jammers racked up more points. The final jam of the first half gave a power jam to Little Steel’s Pocket Ninja, who was able to bring their score up to 51 against 143.

Little Steel came back from halftime with determined defensive walls and spirited jammers. Another power jam allowed Brandi Graves to put more points on the board while BHRD blockers joined their jammer in the box. The Flatliners responded with Mersadist and Special Sass on defense as Nuck L. Sammie racked up more points, bringing the score to 169-61 five minutes in.


Flatliner defense held strong despite coordinated Little Steel offense, and with 15 minutes left in the game, the score reached 237-73. Nuck L. Sammie scored multiple grand slams as Shifty McGee, Mauls Dolls, Oxford Coma, and Uh Huh Hurricane held Little Steel’s jammer and eventually forced a power jam for BHRD.

During the next jam, however, the Flatliner jammer went to the box while Sarah Problem Officer racked up points for Little Steel. With fewer than ten minutes to go and the score at 281-90, the last jams of the game brought tough defense from both teams, and Little Steel kept pushing for points. They broke the century mark by the final whistle, ending the game with a score of 110 to the Flatliners’ 290.


Toe Stop Tango: April 19th

ToeStopTangoPosterCome join us April 19th as Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby takes on the Hammer City Roller Girls (Hamilton, ON, Canada) and the Prairieland Punishers (Decatur, IL)! This will be a double header with BHRD’s Code Blue Assassins (B team) taking on the Prairieland Punishers, followed by BHRD’s Flatliners (A team) taking on the Hammer City Roller Girls.

All bouts are played at Frank Southern Ice Arena,
1965 S. Henderson St, Bloomington, IN 47401.

Doors open at 5 p.m., first game is at 6 p.m., and the second game will start around 7:45.

Kids 5 and under are free!

You can purchase tickets in advance from Bloom Magazine, Royale Hair Parlor, from your favorite skater, or online at Brown Paper Tickets!

$10–in advance
$15–at door
$5–16 and under
Free–5 and under
$50–“6 Pack” in advance (6 for the price of 5)
$75–“6 Pack” at door (6 for the price of 5)

Our featured charity for this event will be BABS: Bloomington Area Birth Services.

Looking for a way to get involved? Want to get in for free? Consider volunteering! Contact our volunteer coordinator, Kalei Sabaratnam, at

Join us for the after party at Macri’s immediately following the bouts! Macri’s is located at 301 N. Morton St. right off the square in downtown Bloomington.

Click for Facebook event.