Become a Referee or NSO!


Want to be involved with roller derby, but don’t want to play?  Become a referee or a non-skating official (NSO)!

These two groups work together to keep games safe, fair, and organized. Referees award points and call penalties, while NSOs keep track of those points, penalties, and timing. You’ll need a quick mind and the ability to remain impartial, even when your friends are on the track. As serious as we may look during games, we do have plenty of fun—we just keep it on the inside!

If you’re interested or have questions, contact the people below:

Epic Brendemic, Head of Officiating – epicbrendemic[at]
Silken Tofu, Head NSO – rebekkaelsbeth[at]

Referee Positions:

Head Referee
Inside Pack Referee
Jammer Referee
Outside Pack Referee

NSO Positions:

Penalty Tracker
Penalty Wrangler
Penalty Whiteboard Operator
Jam Timer
Scoreboard Operator
Penalty Box Manager
Penalty Box Timer
Lineup Tracker