Truly F. Obvious

“She’s a weapon of mass distraction!”


Truly F Obvious is a former astronaut, so she knows how to fly. Truly served as pilot on two free flights of the Space Shuttle Enterprise. Her mission, to deliver big guns and strange passengers to the moon and back. In 1999, a planned tour was cut short by the political consequences of the accidental NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia. For obvious reasons, she has Punk Statik Paranoia, but her Ritual De lo Habitual helped her Turnaround and face the music, so now, she’s ready to play.

Truly skates so fast, she’s just a blur to blockers. She skates faster when her fans show their love. Before she retired from contact sports, she was BHRG’s Weapon of Mass Distraction.  She’s Truly Scrumptious to look at when she slows just to tease her determined, and often unusual, pursuer, the non-lead jammer. She finds girl power in her awesome roller-girl-friends; together, they’ll slay ya. Truly looks forward to rolling around on a regular basis.


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