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Our mission is to develop a competitive, community-focused WFTDA roller derby league in Monroe County, Indiana.

Bleeding  Heartland Roller Derby is Bloomington, Indiana’s flat-track Roller Derby League. Founded in August 2006 by a small group of women with a vision, we now consist of three teams and more than forty skaters, all committed to bringing the excitement and athleticism of modern Roller Derby to south central Indiana!

Flat-track Roller derby is making a comeback, exploding on the scene since its re-invention in Austin, TX in 2000.  You can find a roller derby league wherever there are tough, dedicated women with the desire to hit hard and skate fast.  Modern roller derby is not the showy, pro-wrestling-style event of the past, where fights and cheesiness sometimes upstaged athletic ability and sportsmanship.  Modern roller derby is a sport that requires strategy, athleticism, and hard-hitting attitude, and there is plenty of excitement for fans from all walks of life.

boots21-300x168Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby skaters are your neighbors, coworkers, classmates, teachers, mothers, daughters, employees, and bosses.  They have dedicated their time, talents, sweat, and sometimes even blood to making BHRD all it can be, and to bringing the sport they love to the community they love.

The 2016 Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby league consist of two teams, the Flatliners (in their tenth season) and the Code Blue Assassins (in their seventh season). These teams play locally, throughout the Midwest, nationally, and even internationally with recent trips to Canada.  In early 2009, BHRD was thrilled to become a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), making us eligible for regional and national tournament play and ranking.

Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby skaters love their fans, and can’t think of anything better than a full house on game day!  Come watch them play: it will be an experience you won’t soon forget!  For league updates and more information, follow us on Twitter or become our fan on Facebook.

Want to be more than a fan? Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby runs on volunteers, and running the league and managing bouts is a massive undertaking that requires the help of many.  From ticket-takers to referees, concessions to commentating, and everything in between, if you have the time and desire to help these skaters do what they love, Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby want you!

Keeping BHRD rolling also requires cold, hard, cash and hot, cheesy, pizza.  Skaters and referees pay monthly dues to support the league’s basic operations, but individual and business contributions of all forms and sizes are needed to help us give our fans the most bang for their buck!  Find out how you can let Bloomington know you support grassroots women’s sports at our sponsorship page.

Think you have what it take to skate with us? Check out the “join” section of the website for information.

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